Monday, June 18, 2018

June, 2018 - Day 8

The day began with me wondering if I was going to be left in the car - again!! But they were just having breakfast, something I can do without:

The day got much better! The coast is gorgeous:


So are the flowers. Wild orchids - wow!

And more redwoods - rather eerie looking in the fog that rolled in again:

All in all, another gorgeous day. And more to come. 

June, 2018 - Day 7

Certainly less people today - but lots more trees. Big trees! Giant redwoods!!

I just couldn't resist trying to climb one. Haha!!! Didn't get very far when I had to be rescued!

One thing is for certain, they are gorgeous, majestic and even spiritual. God's work is amazing!!!

June 2018 - Day 6

Day #6 took us into San Francisco. It doesn't make sense to be so close and not experience the Golden Gate Bridge and the sights of the big city. Or at least, that's what they told me. They left me in the car - crowds make me nervous.

They saw the seals at Pier 39:

And took a cruise of the bay:

That Ghiradelli's in the background - oh, yes, they had some. Would you expect otherwise?!

All was beautiful until the fog rolled in - so they said - and the bridge was lost in the clouds. 

Oh, well, tomorrow is another day - with a few less people, I hope!

June 2018 - Day 5

On Day #5, it was time to meet up with the humans' niece and tour some of Napa Valley. When in Napa, they did what you do in Napa - a little wine tasting:

They did take me to one of the two stops they made:

It is certainly pretty here in this valley!!! And beautiful weather!!! I think I'm having a very good time.

June 2018 - Day 4

On Day #4, we went over the Donner Summit as we entered into California:

None of us can imagine doing this "back in the day" traveling by way of horse and wagon. But after the long desert drive through Nevada, the green scenery was very welcome. Although, I'm not sure what they were thinking with this "thin ice" stuff (that's what is on the sign on the tree in the background) - after all, it was a little warm for there to be any ice.

Then, I suppose winter is another story. Today we are certainly enjoying the sunshine!!! More to come.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 2018 - Day 2/3

June 13, 2018

After leaving Idaho Falls, we stopped along the road at the same rest area we hit 10 years ago. 

They looked for the same spot (See July, 2008) where we took pictures along the California/Oregon Trail on that first trip. Things have changed in the 10 years (no surprise!), but we think this is close. (Look close, I'm in the weeds.)

The next stop was Elko, NV, also a second time here. They went to eat a basque meal at the Star and came back stuffed - again! But smiling. Seems to be a theme on their adventures. Haha!

Next day, on the way to Reno, we stopped at the California Trail Interpretive Center. Interesting stuff, especially since we had been on the trail the day before. 

I’m very glad to be with them again! On the road is a good place to be! 

June 2018 Day 1

June 12, 2018

After several years of simply hanging out at the house, the humans have finally taken another adventurous trip and brought me along. Oh, they've been places in these nearly four years, but just haven’t taken ME. This time, I insisted, and they agreed! 

So far, so good. Lots of car time, but our first stop they enjoyed - Idaho Falls and a Chick-Fil-a. I personally don’t understand the attraction, but they were all smiles.

Will keep updating as we go - I hear the coast is calling. Happy trails!!

Oh, I almost forgot - we went through a snowstorm this side of Butte, MT. Yes, a snowstorm! In JUNE! Pictures to prove it. Not sure what this means for the rest of the trip, but quite an adventure!