Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June, 2018 - Day 14

Wouldn't you know that before we left Spokane Valley, we had to make one more stop. I'm not certain what this food thing is about with these two humans, but they seemed super excited when they saw this place:

A few more hours on the road and we were home. Who knows how long it might be before they take me on another road trip, but I sure enjoyed this one. At least when they plan, they do it right!

Hoping your summer includes a little time enjoying our beautiful and diverse country. America truly is a land of beauty. 

June, 2018 - Day 13

Well, we got the niece to the airport and I kept watching the sky to see if I could spot her plane after taking off - but I get confused about whether they are coming or going, so no luck. After we braved the crazy (even though it was not so bad on a Saturday morning) traffic, we headed east toward home.

It was fun to have the niece along on this trip and I'll certainly miss her. 

After we got out of town and through the scenic Columbia River Gorge area, one last view of Mt. Hood was a nice bonus:

There is one final stop to make in Spokane Valley. We'll be back in MT soon!!

June, 2018 - Day 12

The last stop before the niece getting on the plane for home is Portland. At dinner, a beautiful sunset!!

An absolutely gorgeous sunset! LOTS of miles in the car, tons of beautiful views, animals and flowers and water and mountains and sun and clouds and fog and trees. Think it's been one for the books, for certain! And fun having the niece along, too. 

June, 2018 - Day 11

Please forgive the comments about "where is the sun?" We had mostly beautiful weather, so a little "cloudy and foggy" isn't something to complain about. 

Especially when there is another beautiful lighthouse....and seals - even a baby having some breakfast. Awesome!!

But then, all too quickly, it is the last moment at the coast - Seaside Beach. Fortunately, we were both able to put our feet in the Pacific. What an amazing trip it has been!

June, 2018 - Day 10

And then there were sea lions - LOTS of sea lions. We stopped at a cave to view them. I enjoyed this statue above ground:

Yes, that is a lighthouse to the left of the picture - here's a better view:

As the day ended in Newport, more fog and clouds - maybe tomorrow there will be sun again?!?!

June, 2018 - Day 9

This is called Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge near Crescent City, CA. Very pretty!

The weather beautiful, the niece enjoying the view and the ocean, and I'm excited to be out and about. Ahh...the ocean!

Then we took a little time to go through the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. The trees are amazing, the trunks of the fallen giants enormous. I certainly feel small.

Then the day ended in Bandon. With clouds at the coast. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, June 18, 2018

June, 2018 - Day 8

The day began with me wondering if I was going to be left in the car - again!! But they were just having breakfast, something I can do without:

The day got much better! The coast is gorgeous:


So are the flowers. Wild orchids - wow!

And more redwoods - rather eerie looking in the fog that rolled in again:

All in all, another gorgeous day. And more to come.