Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Great Day in Oregon

Today we take back the posting! It was beginning to sound like Hitch was in charge of the vacation agenda. So not true!! And since he's not in any of the pictures for today, we're even wondering if he just took the day off. But we sure didn't.

We set out this morning driving toward the Oregon Coast. But before we got there, we managed to check off one more state we have been through. Our route took us into a little bit of Washington. And after we crossed this bridge back into Oregon, we stopped for a photo opp. of Mount St. Helens. It was May of 1980 when this mountain blew its top, but it seems like only yesterday. And hard to imagine what it must have been like, having now seen it for ourselves.

Tonight we're staying in Seaside, OR. Of course, we spent some time on the beach. And "someone" got their feet in the Pacific Ocean (COLD!! water). Well, both of us did, but only one set of feet appear here.

But one thing is for certain, the sunset tonight was a beauty to behold. Now, we're not saying the Pacific has more to offer than the Atlantic, but it sure is good to experience this from a western perspective.

Thanks for Traveling with Hitch!

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