Monday, September 26, 2011

We're still here

First of all, we are still in Oregon. Sorry you haven't heard from us in a little while, but to borrow something mom used to say, and we've used before, our eyes have been full and needed a little extra rest. Everyday we see so many beautiful sights. Just amazing how the coast is on one side while we drive through a forest at the same time. Quite unlike anything we've ever seen - including in Alaska, Maine and even the Northern California Coast.

But there is more than just waterfalls, coastline and forest. Like this herd of Elk we spotted just on the side of the road outside Tillamook, right after leaving the Tillamook Naval Air Station. Here's Hitch getting a look. The Air Station was pretty cool, too. Lots of planes for at least one of us to drool over.

One of the fun things, too, has been seeing lighthouses. Here is Hitch (on the fence) at one called Cape Meares. Quite unlike lighthouses back home, this one is only 37 feet tall. Don't need so much height when they're up on huge rock formations. Unfortunately, this one has a sad plight. Two men took high-powered rifles to it a couple of years ago and did close to $500,000 damage. Most of the building is closed to the public while they get the repairs done. Such a crying shame!!! On the other hand, the second picture is the view from the Lighthouse. Such beauty.

Then there was the view from our hotel on Sunday night in Lincoln City. Hard not to get a good night's sleep after that sight!!

Today was more Coastline driving with more beautiful sights - like the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (the tallest on the Oregon Coast at 93 feet) and this interesting sight called Devil's Punchbowl. It's a circular rock formation that lets just enough water flow in from the ocean to swirl around the foam to look a lot like punch in a bowl. Well, not really appetizing punch. Guess that's why it's the devil's punchbowl.

Now, you know there is so much more. We've got pictures galore. And memories, too. And happy eyes and bellies (the seafood is awesome!). And more to come. So goodnight for now and thanks for joining us as we're Traveling with Hitch.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Oh, what beautiful sights and experiences; lucky you, Hitch! Did you ride the rapids in that Punchbowl?