Thursday, November 13, 2014

Headed West Day #6

November 13, 2014

We went today from Gillette, WY, to Billings, MT, and saw some very pretty countryside along the way. Like the Big Horn Mountains you see in the distance.
And this really weird thing - a fog bank. That’s what you see that looks like clouds except near the ground. Fog. Odd, yet beautiful, too.
But then when we crossed the state line into Montana, “she” missed the “Welcome to Montana” sign. She did, however, get the Visitors Center in Hardin sign. You may be able to see it’s 57 miles away, even though the sign is just past the state line. There wasn’t much to see before then except lots of land.
Finally we reached Billings. They unloaded that car they’ve been hauling, so I think we might be in our destination.
Tomorrow will tell for certain, though, since they checked into a motel tonight in Billings. Guess we’ll see.

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