Saturday, November 8, 2014

Headed West Day #1


It’s Hitch. I’m back traveling with these people again. But let me tell you, something is very different this time. Very different indeed.

Understand, these two have been to lots of places since I started hanging out with them. They even carried me all the way across the country some six years ago. But even with that six week trip, they have never packed so much stuff to take along!
They are even carrying another whole car along. What is the deal?! I’m not sure, but I heard something about a move. About a new “call” for her. A new place to live and make home.

Well, all that matters to me is that I’m along for the ride. We made it to Knoxville this first day. So thanks for checking in and I’ll do my best to keep those of you interested in this new adventure updated with where we are as we make our way west.


MJMR said...

Hitch I am sure they are taking a bunch of stuff this time. I figure at the rate you are traveling, you might make it to Great Falls by spring!

Anonymous said...

Take care of them Hitch! You and I both know they need that!