Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crossing the Mississippi

We missed checking in yesterday - had a nice long day of not driving!, but enjoying spending time with friends in Peoria, IL. It had been WAY too long since we had seen them and we enjoyed catching up and seeing the sites - churches, the Peoria River, the old ice cream store we have visited every trip, for example. Hitch missed out on all the fun and was ready for the adventure of 8 hours on the road today.

Tonight we're in Sioux City, Iowa. But, not before we had to stop after crossing the Mississippi River for a photo opportunity. See if you can spot Hitch to the front of the duck on the water.

It was a sobering trip across Illinois and Iowa. As you might can tell by the photo, the river is up and just before spilling over its banks at the place where we stopped. Then, while at the Welcome Center in Iowa, the topic of the day among the locals was flooding - who's been affected already and who is in danger. Many of the rivers we crossed were well past flood stage and, thankfully, some seemed to be receding. The countryside on the drive was beautiful, but the heart is heavy knowing what so many are trying to cope with.

Goodnight for now,
Traveling with Hitch

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quiltteacher said...

I have been wondering if the flooding was effecting your route & travels. Be safe. Miss ya'll.