Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Started

This is the story of our great adventure west. We invite you to keep up with where we are, how we are, and the sights we see by coming along with us via our new blog. As often as internet service will allow, we will keep you posted daily.

You may wonder how we got the name, Traveling with Hitch. Just who is Hitch? Let us explain - we began our adventure west by actually heading north on Tuesday - to Manassas, VA. See, we're first going to PA to visit family and attend a very special ordination. The first leg of the journey was a night in Manassas. At breakfast on Wednesday morning, I sat down to a friendly game of checkers with a well-known celebrity - you may recognize him from his years on a popular late night Saturday evening television show or his more recent commercial. He told us his friends call him "Hitch" and we were soon to find out why. Turns out he was planning to head west himself. After the game (where he beat me hands down), we offered for him to ride along with us (after all, everyone needs a traveling companion!) and he was very happy to do so. Keep a look-out, then, for all the places Hitch will be found as we all make our way across country.

After Manassas, we headed to Baltimore for a day at Ft. McHenry....

and the Inner Harbor. Of course, we enjoyed a dinner of crabcakes - and Hitch had some, too. Turns out, he thinks they are as YUMMY as we do.

After leaving Baltimore, it was time to head to PA to visit with family for a couple of days. We took Hitch and our aunt over to the cousin's to see their new room. They did a really great job, creating a nice, cozy, relaxing spot. After enjoying a delicious lunch, we headed back to our aunt's.

We had to be back in time to pick up an order - seems there's always time for getting everyone together to eat fresh steamed crabs. YUM!! YUM!! Can you find Hitch right in the middle of the fun? He was LOVING it!

Now, tonight we're in State College and getting ready for the ordination tomorrow.

Goodnight for now - more later.

Traveling with Hitch

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