Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two Days of Sightseeing

We've been busy the last two days. Busy, you say? Thought you were on vacation. Well, there's just too much to see. We took Hitch on a ride over toward the Tetons on Friday. We just kept going, trying to get a little closer (and a better photo). Outside of the town of Driggs, Idaho, we discovered the Scenic Byway and it's just an unbelievable view.

Yesterday we spent the day in Yellowstone. Our friends who now live in Moose, WY, were camping there and we met up with them - had a picnic and traveled around in the park. It still amazes me the various topography - from boiling mud to snow covered peaks. We stopped by the Yellowstone River to watch the native Cutthroat Trout in their effort to brave the rapids and head upstream for spawning (no photo could do them justice, unfortunately); then on to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone - isn't it awesome?! fishing for two days, but never fear, plans are made for later today. And, we're making sure to have a fresh supply of bug spray. Those mosquitoes WILL NOT win!! We'll keep a count this time, too, of how many are caught and how many get away. :-)
Goodbye for now,
Traveling with Hitch


Marguerite Grimm said...

The Grand Tetons are the most beautiful mountain range I have ever seem. What a fun day you had.

quiltteacher said...

So DS found you. The waterfall is awesome. Just the way I remember it. Can't wait to see the fish or count. Guess you heard about Aunt Arlene? Travel safe.