Friday, June 27, 2008

Look out fish, here we come

The first fishing was early evening day before yesterday. A beautiful spot where a creek meets a river. I took a chair and book in order to sit back and enjoy the outdoors while the fisherman did his thing. It was anything but peaceful, however. The MOSQUITOES nearly carried us both away - swarms of them. Seems with all the rain and snow this area has gotten, the little devils are the worst they have been in a while. Of course!

But don't fret, we weren't outdone. Armed with some serious bug spray, we entered an adventure of an all day outfit trip - a drift boat, with a guide, for both of us! Don't be too surprised, though, the guide was more for me than he. Yes, I'm in the very early stages of learning the art of fly fishing myself (that's probably more the surprise!). So, a full day of practice is a good thing. Until the next morning and the muscles remind you that you used ones not familiar with those back and forth and stretching motions. Yep, just a little stiff this morning!

After about six hours (with a short lunch break), I was finally satisfied with my learning for the day and sat back to relax the last 45 minutes or so. Gave me a chance to take pictures of the real enthusiast. I'm pleased with the fish we caught (sorry no proof pictures - not a guide who liked to pose the fish for photo opps - but there were fish caught by both of us) and even the ones that got away. It was a fun day on a lovely river and who knows, I might really get into this stuff.

Oh, and in case you are missing Hitch, well, seems he is just not into the fishing scene. So he did his own thing while we went out fishing. Don't worry, he had a good day, too.

Goodbye for now,
Traveling with Hitch


quiltteacher said...

Ok. So how many did ya catch and how many got away? Truthfully! Looks like the 2 of you are having a good time. Weather goos? Storms here.

Marguerite Grimm said...

The photos are beautiful. After living for several weeks in such a breathtaking location, are you going to want to come home?