Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back on the Hill

As we were reminded just today, all good things must come to an end - and so has our journey westward. We arrived home Friday evening, just before dark, and you can tell at least Hitch was anxious...he's right up in the windshield watching and waving as we pulled into the drive. And by the way, we know it's not safe to ride in the car without seat belts, but they just don't make miniature ones, so we were forced to make exceptions for him.

We've had a great time - and sharing it with all of you through this blog has been such fun. Many times we would think, let's take a picture of Hitch here so the folks checking in can see. And THANK YOU to all who have kept up with us - and sent messages, prayers and thoughts. It's our final blog for this trip - but who knows, there's probably more to come - - AFTER we recover from this one.

We've racked up the memories, the laughs, the tender hellos and goodbyes to friends we don't get to see often enough, and the miles. That's the other thing Hitch was amazed at - the final number driven...9,608.3. WOW!!

Thanks to God for the time, ability, and safety to make the trip.

And thanks to everyone who's been,
Traveling with Hitch

Blessings one and all!

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quiltteacher said...

So the next adventure starts in Hickory? Glad you are home safe!