Saturday, July 12, 2008

More to see

After two FULL days of sightseeing - we're chilling out here in Lee Vining. And resting up for being in the car again - many days headed back east, starting tomorrow. Must say - it will be good to be back, but boy are we seeing the sights!!

Thursday we spent most of the day in Bodie, CA. It's claim is being the most authentic Ghost Town in America. Bodie was a gold-mining town, in its heyday in 1879. Due to many factors, fire being one, the town declined and officially became a designated state historical park in 1962. What you see is only a small portion - and, in case you miss him, Hitch was hanging out at the old post office and saloon. Hard to pull him away. It's something, though, things are pretty much like they must have been left - clothes still hanging in closets and such. And...a fun "fact" were copies of letters written to the park returning items "taken" by visitors and how they must be responsible for the "bad luck" the "thiefs" were having. Seems taking things from the site is more than just wrong - it's flirting with danger.

Then, yesterday, we spent the day in Yosemite again. One of the things we discovered quickly, is Yosemite is more a hiking/camping place than a driving place - but we did our best to see what we could by car and short walks. And...the smoke makes things so hazy, too.
But Yosemite isn't just El Capitan and Half Dome - there is Mariposa Grove of the giant Sequoias. The one Hitch is in front of is called Bachelor and there are three beside it called the Three Graces. The trees are amazing - and almost immortal - except for this shallow root system they have. Hard to imagine such a huge, old tree has a shallow root system. Hmm...there's probably a sermon in there somewhere. In fact, this trip may find its way into many sermons some day.

Goodbye for now,
Traveling with Hitch

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quiltteacher said...

Would love to see the giant Sequoias. Can't imagine their size and height. Safe travels. Tell C & C hello. Lov u guys.