Monday, July 14, 2008

Headed Back East

Well, we have said goodbye to California and begun our trek eastward toward home. We still have some fun things planned, but we realize time is winding down. We must say, though, we were ready to leave California - the smoke had begun to get to us and then as we headed south, it was the rain (seems we are here during monsoon season?!). On our way Sunday from Lee Vining to Barstow, we encountered a THREE HOUR delay near Independence due to mudslides. Now, far be it from us to think all this was only about our inconvenience - poor Independence suffered last year from a fire that left little ground cover to keep the erosion from happening during the mudslide (it was three feet deep in some places and Highway 395 was where the delay came) that affected them this year. California has its challenges, that's for sure.

After a night in Barstow (and some decent Mexican food), we headed today to Flagstaff where we are tonight. I mention food because, for the most part, we had difficulty finding really yummy food in California. Not to worry - we were rewarded tonight. We found Horsemen Lodge, just outside the city limits. Great food and true cowboy decor. We all, including Hitch, enjoyed it tremendously. In fact, husband drove the majority of the day and somehow I didn't get lunch. I told him the meal tonight was punishment for not letting me eat lunch and he said, "If that's the case, you won't eat lunch tomorrow either" because dinner was that good. Too much food, though, and an after dinner walk was in store.

Oh well, now we're rambling. Look out, though, we're headed home now.

Goodnight for now,
Traveling with Hitch

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